Housing deals

by Ash Williams

In 2014, when I returned from Los Angeles I didn't want to move back into my Mum's house because I was 33, and it says somewhere that you're not meant to... or something.

But luckily my mate had just gotten married and moved in with his wife, and he said I could stay with them. I said "yep beautiful, good timing (for both of us)".  Then he said "but there's a new rule no wanking in the shower". I said "fuck mate, since when?" He said "since I got married." I said "is that a rule for everyone or just me?" he said "just you" I said "that seems unfair."

So I thought about his proposition for a while and said "yeah, alright deal!". So, I just took a normal shower, for the first time in ages. It was strange but productive. It was nice to just focus on washing yourself, like a racehorse with blinkers on, no distractions... I washed my knees for the first time in years. 

But it wasn't long until I landed back on my feet and moved back in with Mum.

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