Business Dancing

by Ash Williams

In 2012, I was booked to be the official dancer for the small business expo in downtown Los Angeles. I danced for 3 hours, I was paid $150, and I wasn’t allowed to talk.

And why was I dancing? I was dancing to embody a man who's quit his job, then started his own business and is so excited, and so rich that he can’t stop dancing (the direct opposite to my life where I was out of money and wish I hadn't quit my job in Australia). 

I rode my push bike to that job. It took me two hours to ride there and two hours to ride back.

The dancing itself consisted of doing 15 minute shifts with a professional dancer - who was absolutely killing it, he was doing spins and kicks, it was impressive - but the business expo boss came up to me and said “you were way more realistic” I said “yeah I know, I’ve got a business degree”.

Real footage below:

P.S A few months later the business expo boss asked me to dance at another expo, but this time he only wanted to pay me $125.00. I said "it's $150.00 cash, take it or leave it", he said "leave it". 

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