Hire car 1

by Ash Williams

When I arrived in L.A in Feb 2012, I had money to burn and I wanted to hit the ground running. I wanted to be in a Hollywood film, and I knew the fastest way to do this was to be spotted. I also needed a hire car... so I knew my hire car had to be a convertible. My friend Cristian had put me in touch with an L.A hire car guy, Guillermo, who said that he had one convertible in stock and it was a fluro red Mini Cooper, I said 'perfect, how much?' he said '$1,000 US per month'. I did the maths in my head, and knew I had enough to hire the Mini-Cooper convertible for 3 months... and surely 3 months would be more than enough time be spotted by a Hollywood agent, especially considering I'd be driving with the roof down day and night. The 3 months flew and I got lots of attention; I was even stopped by a Hollywood agent who ended up not being a Hollywood agent. 


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