by Ash Williams

In 2007, I was 24 and was doing some fit modeling - essentially just showing how certain clothes fit to fashion buyers. I was doing it a couple of times a week and was making about $500 cash a week which was big back then. One day, I got a call from my fit modeling agent saying "how would you like to be a mannequin? Your measurements are perfect for a new mannequin they are making in Hong Kong, and you will be in stores everywhere. All you need to do is get measured by a man name Adrian*, and the job is basically yours". The job was also paying $15,000. I said "great, I can go and see Adrian today".  

So I went to see Adrian who was a short half-asian man with coiffed hair wearing in a suit. He seemed very nervous for some reason. I walked in and said "alright, so what do you want me to do?" He said "take your clothes off so I can measure you". So I got changed into my underwear and he measured everywhere except my groin area. Then he said "In order to measure you properly, you need to take your underpants off"... I'd never auditioned to become a mannequin before, so I complied diligently. When Adrian was measuring my inner thighs, he was sweating and visibly shaking, at this point, he was on his knees and his eyes were literally 10cm away from my penis. He said "almost done" with his voice breaking. We did the last measurement and Adrian looked like he was about to faint. I said "are you alright bro?" He said "yeah, it's just really hot in here, your measurements were spot on". I left the meeting confident I would be the next Hong Kong mannequin.

My agent called me that afternoon and asked how it went, and I said "yeah really well, I just got fully nude and got mannequin measured". My agent said "what do you mean fully nude?" I said "fully nude, yeah Adrian said he needed to measure me with no underwear on". My agent said "oh wow, that's not normal, I will need to have a talk to Adrian." I said "Look, don't be too hard on Adrian, he said my measurements were great and I really want this mannequin money".

In the end I didn't get the mannequin job, and I never heard from Adrian again. 

* Names have been changed in this story. 

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