Free car

by Ash Williams

When I returned to Australia in 2015, I went into a major hire car company and enquired about their top line vehicle - a Nissan Micra, a good car, three wheels, fits in your hand.

The car clerk, Fabian, said it was $50 a day. But the way it worked, was you only paid the $50 when you returned the car. I’m not an idiot... so I just never returned the car; that’s a FREE car.

If you’re thinking of doing this… you should.

There’s only one thing you have to do: don’t answer the phone, because Fabian will call, he will call every day. But he makes it pretty easy, because he doesn’t call from private numbers, so just save the number under Fabian (and then in brackets do not answer).

Once I saved Fabian's number without the do not answer and I answered the phone, it was Fabian, so I just hung up, I thought fuck he’s good.

One time Fabian left a voicemail. Listen below:


The voicemail literally said "if you don’t return the car, you won’t be able to hire another car."

I thought... "But, I’ve already got a car bro". I’m good. Thank you, but no, I'm good. I mean two  cars would be great, but I think that's getting a little bit greedy.

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