Jake's Garage Sale

by Ash Williams

At the start of 2012, I wanted to sell all of my stuff 'cos I was moving to L.A. So, I created a garage sale called 'Jake's garage sale'. The thing is, I am Jake. I created Jake, because everyone in my apartment complex knows me, and they would want mates rates. The great thing about Jake is that he knows nobody, he has no friends, and he is all about sales. So, Jake sold all of my stuff, toasters, kettles, bean bags... people who I knew would come over to my apartment and would be shocked when I opened the door "Ashhhh I'm looking for Jake". I'd reply "Jake's not home...but you're here for the toaster?" They're like "yeah cool, I had no idea you had a housemate, isn't this a one-bedroom? And I say "ah yeah, Jake sleeps on the couch".  They'd then say "can you do me a deal Ash?" And I'd reply "you know I'd love to do you a deal, but it's not my stuff, it's Jakes, and Jake says the toaster is $45. Oh by the way, I'm moving to L.A tomorrow." 

Check out some pics below. These pics were in the lift at my apartment building. P.S I don't have that phone number any more because I didn't pay the bill. 

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