Managing Director's Suite

by Ash Williams

In 2003, I had completed my business degree at Deakin (Melbourne campus) and decided to move to Perth with a couple of buddies - we had no leads for work in Perth, we just thought it would make a nice sea change. And sea change it was; the first couple of nights we slept on the beach. After coming to our senses and deciding to get into the property market. We met a real estate agent and in what was an efficient (if not disconcerting) business deal, we inspected the place, and got given the keys on the same day. The keys to a two-bedder commission flat at St Andrews in Claremont.

Now, let's be clear, this place was a dump, but it better than the beach (just). And St Andrews was the place to be if you wanted to be surrounded by ex-prisoners and people on the doll; I will get to the people who graced St Andrews in a later post, but for now I want to address the bedroom equation.

Our apartment had two bedrooms (I use the term bedroom loosely) as there was a double bed and a single bed situation. Also contained in the apartment was a small bathroom, a small kitchen, a small TV, and a blue futon couch.

Immediately the three of us realised one of us was going to be on the couch. And in the spirit of fairness we devised a system. The system would consist of a monthly rotating bedroom roster, utilising our three bedroom options.

  1. Managing Director's Suite: This was the premium option, and came with a double bed and fitted sheets. It also had a wardrobe and a view of the adjacent park. 
  2. Chubb Security: The second best bedding option. It came equipped with a single bed, no sheets, and backed onto the public walkway (which after 9pm was a dangerous place). You would be subject to constant screaming and police sirens but you could rest easy knowing that your windows were safely installed with the latest range of chubb security  window shutters. 
  3. Reception: As the name would suggest, you are the receptionist. The first port of call for any guests and as the receptionist your bed needed to be a working couch from 9am. If there was any semblance of a bed after 9am, a cash fine would be in play, usually around $10. The receptionist also had no say in when the TV should be turned off. If the Managing Director wanted to watched 'Paradise Hotel' at 2am in the morning, then he could without any discussion. Also, any damage done to the blue futon was the receptionist's responsibility. 

After initial negotiations, it was decided that I would take the MD suite. My rationale being that when I moved out, I would't compete a full rotation. This proved to be a great move, as I moved out 4 months later after enjoying one last month as the managing director. 

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