Uber topless

by Ash Williams

In Los Angeles, I found a job on the Internet to pick up a guy named Tony from the airport and drop him at a hen's party. The job paid $125.00 cash. The deal was, when we arrived at the hen's party, the guy I collected would walk in as a surprise (because he lived interstate), then I would walk in 10 seconds later as a second surprise... and I would be topless. When I picked the guy up from the airport, he got into my white van (which I hired for the job) and he was very excited. He was a flamboyant Mexican guy and he said can you take your shirt off now for the drive? I said "yeah sure, that's going to be an extra $50 though". He said "deal". The moral of the story is there's always a deal to be done. 

By the way, this was the actual text correspondence:

Tony: Hey Ash, are we still on for tonight?

Ash: yeah bro

Tony: sweet I’ll text you when I land

So confirming it's $25 for the ride then once the hour starts with the girls it’s another $100?

Ash: yes :)

Tony: are you fine with the gay boys molesting you?

Ash: haha not quite molesting

Tony: :)

Ash: I thought it was girls? I do gay parties all the time, but girls can touch more than guys.

Tony: it’s 6 girls and two gay boys haha

Ash: haha cool

Tony: just landed. American eagle. Guy in white shirt.


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