Euros of Hollywood

by Ash Williams

2014, Hollywood: I auditioned for a sunglasses commercial on Melrose Avenue. They were filming the auditions saying that they well also filming a reality TV show called 'Euros of Hollywood'. I did my sunglasses audition, and to see how the sunglasses fitted my face, they asked me to take my top off. I took my top off and they said "the sunglasses look great, we'll let you know". 

A few weeks later, I was in New Orleans doing another job and I got an email from a ‘Euros of Hollywood’ producer saying "you didn't get the sunglasses job, but we need you to sign a release form because we want to use your footage in the reality show". At that point, I knew I had him over a barrel. As I sat in my nice hotel room in New Orleans, I called him and said “thanks for the email, I will sign the waiver but I'm gonna need $250 cash”. The producer said “but, we literally haven’t paid anyone, this is a pilot”. I said “fine, then don’t use my footage”. He told me he’d call me back. When he rang back he said ‘we’ll pay you $250 cash”. When I arrived back in Los Angeles later that week, the producer met me on Santa Monica Blvd and gave me envelope with $250 cash. There's always a deal to be done. 

Here is the footage from the business meeting in 2014, that is now on a US reality show called 'Euros of Hollywood': 

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