Pizza instructions

by Ash Williams

At the start of 2015, I came back to Australia and moved into a house with a woman, who just happened to be my Mum, what are the chances! 

Anyway, living with Mum is great because she makes me food. And when she can't make me food, she leaves instructions. Here's a pizza instruction: 

photo 3-1.PNG

As you can see, if the above note ever get's out, Domino's are finished. 

Now, let's get back to the letter... if you can decipher the hieroglyphics, I think it says 15-20mins, look via the glass and then it says "5 minutes before spread green basil" and placed on the letter is something I think is Basil.

But I didn't end up making the pizza because I didn't know where Mum kept the basil, she didn't leave me a treasure map to the basil... where's the basil Mum? 

P.S To be honest, I thought it was spinach anyway and that it was a trick letter. I thought "you're not fooling me Mum, I have a business degree and that's spinach, nice try." 


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