Noble Lord

by Ash Williams

Los Angeles, 2012: When I was working at gay bar where I got head hunted to be a noble lord. As I was walking around topless with my fluorescent vodka tray trying to sells shot a guy came up to me and said you would make an excellent Lorenzo, you look just like him. I said "who is Lorenzo?" He said "Lorenzo is a noble lord". I probed some more and it turned out Lorenzo was fictional noble lord and not based on historical events. The man went on to say that I'd get paid $150.00 to dress up as a noble lord, and then all I had to do was hide in the bushes at a USC University and then jump out of the bushes and say "Lorenzo chooses you", give them a flyer and run back to the bushes to hide again. That was it. I did that every Wednesday for 8 weeks. It was good money.

You might be wondering what the job was for? It was a promotion for new building that would provide student accommodation. The new building was appropriately named "Lorenzo".  

Check out a photo below of me as noble lord, Lorenzo. In this photo I've found a perfect hiding spot between a tree and a trash can.

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