Guinness World Record

by Ash Williams

Los Angeles, 2012: I got approached by some television producers to see if I was interested in attempting to break the world record for the fastest ever 50m sprint in high heels. I said "I was definitely interested". 

I turned up and I was racing against 4 other guys, one of them was a transvestite and moved well in the warm up. Before the race I taped my ankles, did some hamstring stretches and slipped into a gold pair of high heels. I knew that if I could win this race, not only would I be a guinness world record holder, but it would launch my show business career in America.

You can watch the race below:


As you could see, I got a great start but then my heel slipped out of my high heel. I got paid $100 cash for the job. Also, the guy with the beard was a cheat, because he was wearing his he taped his high heels to his feet.

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