Pauly Shore documentary

by Ash Williams

2013, Los Angeles: I was in the gym one day and Pauly Shore came in and said "can you come outside" I was mid-tricep pump but I said "yeah". Pauly said "listen bro, this other guy didn't turn up, I need you to play my best friend in a documentary about my life". So. I walked out, and there was a camera filming us. Pauly said "just act like you're my best friend". As the camera filmed us, I told Pauly about my gay bar business and then he said I want to come down and film, just two best buddies hanging out. So he came down and it was set up as that he was his best friend at work, and then he just shouted all of these nipples sucks to about 20 men. My nipples were sore. Pauly was begging me to do more nipple sucks, he said we needed to get some more good nipple sucks on film. I did it, we got the footage. The documentary will be released this year. 

P.S Nipple sucks were part of my gay bar business where after a vodka shot, a customer can suck a whipped cream chaser off my nipple. They were between $20 - $50.

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