Daily Telegraph

by Ash Williams

I recently got a call from my publicist saying that The Daily Telegraph (Australian newspaper) wanted to do a story on me. I said "sweet, give them my personal number and tell them to call me". A few days later I get call saying "it’s Sam from the Daily Telegraph, is that Ash Williams?” I said “yep it’s me mate, you’ve come straight through, you want to interview me yeah?” he said “what?” I said "you know, I've got some comedy shows coming up, I'm on Neighbours, you’re calling about the interview”, he said “nah Mr Williams, I don’t know what your talking about... I’m calling about your daily telegraph subscription, your credit card has been declined" I said "oh right... yeah, how much?" he said "$9 a week", I said "cool bro, just give me a few days to get the cash together".  Fast forward two weeks and Sam won't stop calling me; he calls me every day. He just called me then, and it's a Sunday! Sam if you’re reading this, stop calling me, my credit card is maxed. 

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