Implied Nude (Part 1)

by Ash Williams

Los Angeles/San Francisco 2013: I was offered an implied nude photoshoot by a photographer named Alain. After three weeks of negotiation we agreed on a rate of $600. That $600 included return flights and transport from L.A and the $600 would be cash on the day. Alain accepted my terms and flew me to San Francisco to take photos of me. I'd never met Alain, and I met him on Craigslist. I was well aware that I might get murdered by Alain. 

When I landed in San Francisco Alain picked me up personally and said "buckle up, we have a long drive ahead of us". Before I hopped into Alain's car, I took a photo of his car and number plate and texted it to my friend in L.A saying "if you don't hear from me by 8pm call the cops."

Below is the photo I texted:  

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