Implied Nude (Part 2)

by Ash Williams

San Francisco, 2013: So I arrive in San Francisco and Alain drives me 3 hours to get to his studio. It was my first time in San Francisco and I was excited to check it out, I was enjoying it so far from Alain's car even though he was speeding (I think he just wanted to start taking photos ASAP). When we arrived as Alain's studio, he showed me some snacks and said "the muesli bars, carrots and hommus are for you, we won't touch even them, now get changed into your first outfit". The first outfit was a sheer g-string. I said "hey Alain, what's this? It's meant to be implied nudity, you know, it looks like I'm nude but I'm not". Alain said "it's fine we'll add shadows later". I took Alain's word for it, because I'd never done an implied nude photo shoot before.

As I stood there in my sheer g-string I saw another photographer getting her camera ready, I said to Alain, "who's she bro? Why does she have a camera too?" Alain said "oh, she is another photographer and wanted to take some pics too". I said "no worries, but that's going to be another $150.00 bro". They whispered to each other, and agreed on the deal. 

We started shooting and I wasn't sure how the sheer g-string would appear in the shots, so we snapped a few frames and I told Alain to give me a look. When Alain showed me it was a clear photo of my cock. I said to Alain "that's my dick bro", he said "where?" I said "stop being silly Alain, there!" Alain then said “Oh there, um please Ash, I'll add shadow I promise". The lady photographer then said “Alain, legally, I don't think we can do that". Alain and I negotiated for ten minutes and then we compromised on "wet cloth hugging the shaft” - Alain’s words.

We shot for 10 hours straight. As Alain snapped away I literally heard him whisper to himself "this is my dream" several times. When I left I asked Alain what's the photos were for? He replied "my folio".

I made $900 for the job. At the point, the most money I had made from a job in America. A great day of business. Below is one photo from Alain's photo shoot. I have over 60 including the sheer g-string shots. 

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