Gay Bar - Arbitrary services

by Ash Williams

June 2012, Los Angeles: My gay bar business was going well and my nipples couldn't keep up with the demand. 

On one particular night, I was talking to a gay bar regular, Greg, who worked for Walt Dinsey (he gave me his business card several times). I was topless, wearing my suit pants and bow tie feeding him a vodka shots for $5 a pop; we were having a great time. Then, when I wasn't looking, Greg grabbed me by the belt and slid his hands down the back of my pants. I was twice the size of Greg so I quickly grabbed him before he did too much damage. Greg looked at me sheepishly like I'd caught his hand in the cookie jar... I said "Greg that was very naughty, have you got your credit card on you?". He said "yes, I'm sorry I was naughty, how much do I owe you Ash?" (luckily I studied the markets and knew what to charge for goods and services) so without hesitation I said "hands down the back of the pants is $300 Greg". Greg said "wow, that's a good deal" and laughed... I swiped his credit card and we both had a great night. That deal would end up being the highest single transaction my gay bar business would ever process. 


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