Tickle Video (Part 1)

by Ash Williams

June 2013, Los Angeles: I had two weeks to make rent. Rent was $900 US and I was starting with $200 (minus food expenses). 

As I did every morning, I trolled the jobs on Craigslist (a jobs website like seek.com.au but much dodgier). That morning, I found an opportunity to star in an online tickling video. You're probably thinking what I was thinking "what's the catch?"

So I called the guy up and said "hey man what's the go? He said "it's $350.00 bucks cash and I'll tickle you for 10 minutes, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.  You'll have suit pants on the whole time and I won't going anywhere near your fruit bowl". I said "sounds cool". He said  "as long as you are ticklish, I would like to book you for the role", I said "bro, I'm so ticklish".

The director of the tickling video told me to bring a suit, a shirt and three different pairs of underwear, because I'd be playing a hotel manager. 

I got given a script ( just like DiCaprio would get) I was playing a hotel manager called Jasper. I asked the director if I could be called 'Champagne', because I really wanted to be called Champagne, but the director said "no, champagne was not a realistic name for a hotel manager". That's the thing when you're doing tickle videos, it has to be realistic.

To be continued...

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