Arm pit sniffer

by Ash Williams

Los Angeles, 2014: I was running some group personal training sessions for some extra cash. At the end of a group session we took a photo and the girl next to me was much shorter than I was, so short in fact, that her head was in my arm-pit.

After the photo was taken, I said "sorry Dana, my arm pit was in your face". She said "oh no, I love it, can I have another sniff?" I didn't want to be rude, so I obliged. She had a big sniff and said "yummy" and walked away.

I thought that would be the end of it, but next time she came in for a workout, she was loitering around after the session. I said "you all good Dana?" and she said "can I have another cheeky sniff?". And I'm a nice guy, so I'm like "yeah, but they are pretty smelly today Dana" and she goes "oh I like them even more when they're smelly, yummy!"

And this went on everyday for 2 weeks. It got to the point where people had caught onto the arm-pit sniffing activities and would hide behind the corner and watch. At one point there were 10-15 voyeurs watching Dana sniffing my arm pits, fortunately Dana was oblivious to this as she was too busy inhaling my body odour. 

After the two weeks, I told Dana no more arm pit sniffing. I explained that I've got to maintain my dignity, and that if she wanted arm pit sniffs in the future she would have to pay for them. 

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