Massage Oil

by Ash Williams

July 2013, Los Angeles: I came across a modelling ad for a sports catalogue, paying $250.00. I thought this is going to be easy.

The photographers name was John, and he had 5 email addresses - I thought that was strange - he said let's meet at a hotel room at 5pm on Saturday - I also thought that was strange. But, I needed the $250.

I walked into the hotel room and there was a 70 year old man with a camera, I said "what's the story here bro?"  how are you paying for this? he said nothing, smiled and flashed me $250 cash sitting in his top pocket. I said "beautiful, let's start shooting"

John had an array of necklaces on the bed, I’d shoot with one and then we'd changed it up and did a different necklace. Here is one of the photos:




Then John wanted to put some massage oil on me, but I didn't want to put the oil on because I thought he was trying to drug me, so I just splashed my body with water, I came out and John said “no, there’s not enough oil on”  I splashed even more water on my body and John again was unsatisfied with the shine on my abs. So I went back into the bathroom and this time without thinking I used the massage oil. I was concerned but I thought surely John hasn’t drugged the oil.

I was now covered in John’s massage oil. Five minutes later I felt incredibly drowsy.

I was now lying on the bed and I thought  "fuck, he’s got me, he’s drugged me. This guy’s good. I’m fucked now."

I texted my mate and said  "I’ve had a good run but it’s over, this guy has drugged me with the massage oil, please tell my Mum and family I love them.

In this photo, I remember the specific moment, that’s me thinking I’ve been drugged and I’m gonna die.

I call this photo 'sleepy surfer'. 

I call this photo 'sleepy surfer'. 


After this photo was taken I fell asleep for 5 minutes. Then I woke up.

And it turns out I wasn't drugged at all, I was just sleepy.

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