Motel 6 (Part 1)

by Ash Williams

Los Angeles, 2014: One week I'd be living in a Beverly Hills mansion, the next week I'd be homeless. And when I had no where to go, I used to stay at 'Motel 6' in Van Nuys. Motel 6 was my backup plan to a backup plan.

They called it 'Motel 6' because that's it's score out of 100.

And I used to only stay there when I was desperate, or when I was down to my last 70 bucks. Here are some REAL trip advisor reviews on Motel 6:


0 Excellents and 30 terribles. This place is classy.


It says here "no maid service" and that's why I liked it, you would wake up, and have to make your own bed, it felt like home. 

I ended up getting a life ban from this motel.

To be continued...

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