Maury Povich

by Ash Williams

Los Angeles, 2013: Maury Povich is today's version of Jerry Springer. Every morning I would get on Craigslist (job website) and apply for over 30 jobs, so when the phone rang it could have been anyone. One day the phone rang and it was some guy saying he could get me on Maury Povich. He explained he's been on the show three times before and reckons we would make a great double-act. He said, once we've perfected our story and act we could make as much as $500 each! I told him I was keen and to call me back. He called be back with a storyline - he was going to be my landlord and I was going to be his tenant who trashed the house and owed rent, and then we were going to get into a pre-planned fight with some fake fighting moves (that he knew and was going to teach me). We agreed to catch up, rehearse our act and practise fight moves.

We never caught up.

P.S I will find the actual correspondence I had with this guy and update this post. 

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