Green Thumbz

by Ash Williams

Melbourne, 2000: My mate and I were entrepreneurs. We had read Robert Kyosaki's 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' and we wanted to be Rich Dad's (even though we were both still virgins). Nonetheless, we knew we had to start our own business to escape the 'rat race' (Kyosaki term). We decided we could make our millions by becoming gardeners, after all everyone had a garden, and how hard could it be to mow some lawns and charge money. We decided to call our business 'Green Thumbs' but unfortunately when we went to register the business name, 'Green Thumbs', was already taken, so we called our business 'Green Thumbz' with a Z! We printed out some flyers and we were in business. 

My Mum owned a lawn mower so we borrowed that and started door knocking houses to generate business. To our amazement, some people wanted their lawns mowed. They had no idea we were unqualified, in fact, I hadn’t mown a lawn in over two years because my younger brother, Cam, had banned me from using our family lawn mower. He claimed I was too careless and would run over rocks and blunt the blade. Sometimes he would turn up to our gardening jobs on a bicycle (he was 15) to make sure I wasn't using the lawn mower. But, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because Cam would straddle his Malvern Star ‘Abyss’ bicycle and yell from the street ‘Ash better not be using the lawn mower’ and I would just say to my business partner, ‘sorry mate, I’m not allowed to use the lawn mower, you’ll have to do it.'

Easy money.

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