The Organic Express

by Ash Williams

In 2001, I started an organic fruit and vegetable home delivery business with my friend, Dan, we called it 'The Organic Express'. It took us months to come up with the name but once we settled on the name, we thought we'd struck gold. Our logo was a train made out of vegetables - a carrot for the chassis, tomatoes for wheels and broccoli for exhaust - it looked really professional. Our business started out strong but we could never find any red capsicums at the organic market (apparently there was a shortage at the time). Fortunately, one day we realised that organic red capsicums looked exactly the same as the normal red capsicums at Safeway. We'd found a niche in the market and we quickly became known as the guys who could get organic red capsicums (which weren't organic). Sadly, demand for organic red capsicums declined and we declared bankruptcy after one month. 

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