A slippery slope

by Ash Williams

Los Angeles, 2013: I was doing a lot of jobs off the Internet, specifically Craigslist. And Craigslist is great because anyone can post a job and anyone can do the job. Craigslist is bad because you could get murdered.

I'd done over 100 Craigslist jobs, and I hadn't been murdered yet, so I liked my chances of staying alive. I was doing so many Craigslist jobs that people started approaching me via email. In those days I said yes to 99% of jobs, but there were some jobs I said no to, such as this one. This is exactly what the ad said:

"Your face will NOT be on camera. You will be get a BJ from a dude. No recip. req. For a website i'm putting together. Pays 200.00. For still pics only. Done this 6 times. Worked out well. Hygiene is important. Im clean and D&D free so you should be too. Send FACE pic and phone number. I am VERY discreet and chill and you should be too. U must be straight and OVER 18. Pays cash same day can work as early as today."

So on first impressions, this is a good gig. But, I said no to the job because I didn't trust the guy. Why did he need to see my face, if my face wasn't going to be on camera?

During negotiations like this, I was thankful that I had a business degree. 


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