Motel 6 (Part 3)

by Ash Williams

CONTINUED: I was desperate for a place to stay so I called Motel 6 and said "just a queen room please". The receptionist said "who's this?" I'd never asked "who's this?" before, but I could tell from the voice it was the man who banned me.

In a businesslike manner said "Well, it's Mr Williams". He said "Mr Williams you can't stay here", I said "why not?" he said "it says here on your file you're banned, you spewed and pooed in one of the rooms."

I said "no no no, take that off my file. it should just say on my file, 'businessman', can you change that please?". He said 'no'. I said "well, what if I pay you double? he said 'no', I said "triple?", he said "no, we don't want your business Mr Williams".

And as a businessman that really pissed me off so I very quickly turned into a Liam Neeson from 'Taken' and I said "You know what bro, I don't want YOUR business, and I'm gonna come there and kill you, because I remember your face, and you're fucked! I'm gonna come down there maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, real soon, and you're fucked!

And now I'm definitely banned for life.  I can't stay at Motel 6 Van Nuys ever again... I can't even pay to sleep with bed bugs.


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