by Ash Williams

Los Angeles, 2014: I'd been selling vodka shots at the gay bar for over a year and it was time to go out on my own. The only problem was that I didn't know the secret vodka shot recipe. I knew roughly what it was, but I once made a batch and few guys had to get their stomachs pumped!  Fortunately one of my vodka shot colleagues, Alejandro, knew the secret recipe (it was just like KFC's 9 secret herbs and spices). Alejandro was well known for making batches that tasted yummy but also potent! Most customers remarked that his test tubes (that's what we sold them in) were strong, so they were good value! I knew that if I was to start a new gay venture, then Alejandro needed to be onboard. One night when we were out the back counting our one dollar bills, I pitched Alejandro my idea. I explained that with his vodka recipe and my business knowledge we could make thousands or possibly a thousand! Alejandro agreed and I went to work on acquiring gay bars for us to sell vodka shots in. I literally started door knocking gay bars (because the front door was locked during the day). One afternoon I door knocked a place called Rasputin. Rasputin was a real dump but I knew we could move some test tubes there. I walked into Rasputin at 2pm and pitched the idea to a 50 year old man with braces, called Alejandro (yes another Alejandro!), he smiled a lot and kept asking about the vodka recipe, I kept telling him I didn't know, but I know a guy who does. By 9pm that evening, we were in the Rasputin kitchens making vodka batches! That evening we sold a fuckload of vodka shots and there was a live performance by Australian draq queen, Courtney Act!

To be continued...

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