Oscars Gifting Lounge

by Ash Williams

Feb 2012: I was working out at Fitness First in Richmond with my mate and actor Josh Lawson. We were midway through some tricep extensions when he told me  he was invited to the Oscars gifting lounge - a place where you receive gifts such as energy drinks, hair straighteners and half price jet skis - and he had a spare ticket. Josh said ‘if you can get yourself to L.A then the ticket is yours’. I finished my tricep extension and said ‘I will be there’. I’d never been to America, so I was excited to go to Los Angeles, so excited that I decided that it would be a smart move to move there. 

Within a week I rented out my apartment, sold all of my furniture in Jake's fire sale (see previous blog post) and had booked my flights. 

I was set to arrive in L.A on Oscars eve and the Oscars gifting lounge was the following morning. 

The big day finally arrived and I landed in L.A. The first thing I did was hire a red mini cooper convertible. I then drove the mini cooper to Sunset boulevard where I met Josh and his brother Ben. We started drinking margaritas and we got so maggot that we slept in the following morning and missed the Oscars gifting lounge.

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