Ash is also a writer and columnist, most recently writing for D' and Shop Till You Drop.  Ash has also written articles for CleoCosmopolitan and Cosmopolitan Bride, MX Newspaper and contributed to Melbourne Weekly.

Skilled in punchy social media tags he took over the social media for the Australian Open Tennis, and did a weekly "twitter takeover" the AFL season. Ash also writes, creates and performs comedic social media content for several brands. 

Ash wrote "How To Make A Billion Dollars In Business" read it here 

Ash wrote an article tackling the big issue: "How To Be A Man Who Has It Together". He says he guessed the whole article. You can read it here

Ash wrote "How To Date The Instagram Girl You've Never Met". You can read it here and maybe get a girlfriend by tonight.

Here's some of Ash's Australian Open tweets

"Ash Williams here, I'm looking into it but I'm pretty sure I'm related to Serena Williams. Williams is a pretty uncommon surname." 

"They are closing the roof of Rod Laver Arena, so if you're a seagull and you're reading this, get inside and grab a seat quickly."

"some interesting #ausopen final rules: Maria has to scream after every shot, or she automatically loses the point."

"I'm playing a new computer game called "Where In The World Is Aranxta Sanchex Vicario?" #toughreference "

"It's good that Andy Murray's matches are always at night, so @7sport can broadcast his fiancee's swearing."

"TENNIS NEWS: Lleyton Hewitt confirms he will never ever retire."

"McAvaney, Courier and Hewitt are commentating from the cubby house they made. @7sport"

""It's fine to break rackets, just make sure you have enough rackets in your bag" - Goran Ivanisevic (forfeited a match because he broke all rackets)."

"coaching professional tennis players is tough, because you aren't allowed to go to the toilet, ever. #boriswearsanappy"

"haircuts have been hot at this years #ausopen. The most popular request has been "The Kyrgios", the most unpopular is still "The Djoker"."

Ash contributed to Cleo in July 15'

Ash contributed to Cleo in July 15'

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